Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is the practice of collecting data from publicly available sources, including information on companies, organizations, and individuals.

1. Social Links

Social Links is an AI-driven software firm that specializes in extracting, analyzing, and visualizing data from various open sources such as social media, messaging apps, blockchains, and even the Dark Web. Their premier product, SL Professional, enables investigators and data security experts to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

2. Google Dorks

Google Dorks provides a user-friendly approach to information search using specific operators, also sometimes referred to as Google Hacking.

3. NexVision

NexVision is a sophisticated AI-powered OSINT tool that automates data collection and processing, supporting decision-making processes in corporations, governments, military, and research institutions. It stands out as the most comprehensive tool in this list.

4. TheHarvester

TheHarvester is ideal for locating emails, usernames, hostnames, and domain-related information using various public search engines and PGP key servers.

5. Shodan

Shodan is a powerful search engine predominantly used by hackers to explore all visible assets. It is particularly useful for security professionals, offering insights into assets connected to the network like computers, traffic signals, webcams, and other IoT devices.

6. Hudson Rock

Originating from the cybercrime intelligence division of the renowned 8200 cyber unit of the IDF, Hudson Rock provides a potent cybercrime threat intelligence feed crucial for infrastructure protection, end-user security, and supply chain risk management.

7. Maltego

Included in Kali Linux, Maltego, developed by Paterva, is an OSINT tool used primarily for detailed investigations on various targets using built-in transforms.

8. Recon-Ng

Recon-Ng excels in surveillance operations on targets and is one of the top OSINT tools integrated into Kali Linux.

9. Check Usernames

This tool searches for specific usernames across over 500 social networks, enabling quick checks on a target’s presence on particular websites for immediate action or countermeasures.

10. TinEye

TinEye is a pioneer in reverse image search engines. Users can upload an image to TinEye to retrieve comprehensive information about its origins and usage, utilizing advanced technologies like neural networks and machine learning.

11. SpiderFoot

SpiderFoot combines an easy-to-use graphical user interface with a robust command-line interface, gathering extensive data about a target, including web servers, netblocks, emails, and more.

12. Creepy

Creepy is a geolocation intelligence tool that collects location data using various social media platforms and image hosting services where the data was previously shared.