We offer a free service to assist individuals in advancing their careers in Privacy and Cybersecurity.

GDPA regularly receives enquiries regarding data protection and cyber security candidates. Feel free to submit your resume and complete our questionnaire. Upon submission, we will match you with organizations seeking staff with your level of expertise. Kindly note that we do not guarantee employment with any interested third party and will only release your personal identifiable information to them upon receipt of interest from their behalf. We will hold onto your submitted information for a period of 24 months. Thereafter we will notify you to updated your details and/or if you wish your personal identifiable information be removed from the GDPA system.

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  • Please note that the identifiable profiling details provided will not be used for any other purpose other than to service your GDPA Submit Your Resume purpose. Should this change, we will outline our intent via email to you and request for your explicit consent to which you'll have the right to approve or deny.

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