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For licensees, press and other third parties

The name(s) Global Data Protection Agency is widely associated with reputable data protection products, services and information providers. This and other trademarks of Global Data Protection Agency (“Trademarks”) are valuable and important intellectual property assets of the company and/or third party entities.

Thousands of transactions are performed around the world every month by individuals and companies using Global Data Protection Agency Registrar’s products and services, and a uniform, proper use of our Trademarks by all our licensees is key to our ability to associate our Trademarks with the quality of our products and services.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, symbol or design (or a combination thereof) that identifies the goods or services of a specific person or company, and distinguishes them from the goods and services of others. A trademark helps its owner to assure consumers of the quality and unique attributes of such products and services, thus helping the promotion of those goods and services.

General guidelines

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Use our trademarks with permission

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