We are a global data protection agency who are passionate about data protection.

A minefield of new and growing data regulation laws are being introduced globally, on a daily basis.  To date, solutions for compliance have been lengthy, difficult, confusing and expensive. Privacy and data is now mainstream business.

The Global Data Protection Agency was born out of a growing need for a budget conscience solution, that is easily accessible and affordable for everyone, from the sole trader to the major enterprise.  GDPA’s Trust platform is committed to providing the very best, most affordable and up to the minute solutions for data protection, compliance, insurance, education and representation.

At GDPA we work with all industry stakeholders worldwide and leverage years of experience in global privacy laws including the development of privacy policies and management of data security and privacy programs. GDPA’s trust platform is ideal for everyone from SME’s to enterprise to government. Combined with our expertise in the development and delivery of high-quality educational programs, insurance and data driven smart technology, GDPA provides you with a holistic solution.

GDPA together with all our agents and partners worldwide are dedicated to helping you grow your business with our customisable solutions and commitment to excellence.

If you wish to contact us at GDPA or our DPO, please do so by CLICKING HERE.